What Sets Us Apart

We pay cash for houses through a simple, straightforward process

There are many other home-buying companies that purchase distressed property, but Sell As Is focuses on the local market. We are a Denver company that specializes in the purchase and sale of homes throughout Colorado.

Here are the top 10 features that set us apart from other home-buying companies:

  1. Local. We are locally owned and operated, and we truly understand the Colorado market.
  2. We are Serious Buyers. We are real buyers with capital to close on every transaction.  We are not realtors, and our goal is not to list your property.
  3. Top offerWe will do our best to meet or beat any other offer you receive from another investor.  In most cases we can match or beat a competitor’s offer.  Just show us the offer in writing.  Since we are not realtors, there are no commissions and we will take care of all closing costs!
  4. FlexibilityWe are extremely flexible on terms and price.  We will even do floating close dates, in case you need time to move, or aren’t sure when you will be ready to close.
  5. Experience. We have many years of real experience buying and selling real estate in Colorado. We have successfully purchased more than 150 distressed homes throughout Colorado.
  6. Value-added services. We provide value-added services like trash removal, estate liquidation, or moving costs.  We want this to be a simple and easy experience.
  7. BBB rating. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us for more info – (720) 445-4541.
  8. Equity now. Need part of your equity now?  We can provide money ahead of time for moving expenses or other immediate cash needs.
  9. Probate specialists. Sell As Is thoroughly understands the probate process in Colorado. We work with specialized probate attorneys who can assist you through the probate process.
  10. Teamwork. Our fantastic team will work with you to solve your unique real estate challenge.  Our goal is to deliver a fantastic experience and end result to you.  Discover the good things past clients had to say about Sell As Is In these video testimonials.

Contact us today to start the process of selling your home fast!

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