Sell As Is has all kinds of success stories, from numerous people we have worked with over the years.  Here are just a few of many positive experiences.

Video testimonials

“We had a really good experience with Sell As Is.  We met with them, closed on the deal in about four days, negotiations were relatively simple.  Both sides needed the win, and I think that’s what we got to.”

“What I like most was the people and the professionalism of the company, it was really good quality”

– Jeff Kellog

2279 S Marion, Denver


“They were very honest with me, open, and I did not feel like I as being taken advantage of.

The customer service was excellent. There was nothing that I would want them to do differently.  It was a great experience and they were an answer to my prayers.”

– Loretta Lariviere
777  Washington, Denver

“They worked well with me, were patient with me, answered all my questions and basically put me at ease about this whole thing about selling my house.  They just made it very convenient for me.”

– VaNessa Perry
3595 Forest, Denver

“My experience was really good. I was able to sell the house, no problems whatsoever, and glad to do business with them.  I just wish I would have met them sooner!”

– Steven Butcher
2339 Raleigh St, Denver

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