House Inheritance, Probate and Estate Liquidation

Quick-sale specialists for house inheritance, probate, liquidation and other issues

Sell As Is specializes in helping people who have inherited properties in Colorado. We are probate experts and partner with probate attorneys who can help you navigate the process. If you have a house inheritance and want to turn it into to fast cash, call us.

Probate is the legal process that involves the transfer of property that was not directly willed to a specific person. The property is transferred from an estate, and the probate court handling the estate will divvy up the proceeds from the sale among the beneficiaries. Selling property owned by an estate requires that you follow specific laws outlined by Colorado, and we will make this process simple and straightforward.

In many cases, we can help cover the cost associated with finding and retaining an attorney to work through the probate process, so you are not required to come up with expensive attorneys’ fees up front.

Sell As Is will also partner with estate liquidation companies, or work directly with you to handle items left to the estate.  These items include antiques, furniture, vehicles, collectibles, household items, tools, artwork and jewelry.

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